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Martin Feldman

Martin Feldman is a dedicated healer and experienced Japanese Acupuncture practitioner. Martin tried acupuncture after a whiplash injury and was so impressed with the results that he decided to learn the methods in order to give back to his community. He’s been healing ever since.

A graduate of the prestigious New England School of Acupuncture  (NESA) in 1982, Martin began his healing practice while pursuing additional education in the Japanese styles. He studied with many exceptional teachers, including the renowned blind masters of the Toyohari Association. In Japan it’s traditional for vision-impaired people to pursue careers in acupuncture, and many of the top practitioners are blind. They offer heightened senses useful to the practice, while developing self-sufficiency and skill-sets that contribute to the health and well-being of their communities.

Martin’s taught acupuncture in many cities throughout the US and abroad. In 1987 he helped found, and later chair, the first Japanese Acupuncture Department at NESA.

The techniques Martin uses work more directly with a patient’s energy than do the techniques of current Chinese styles. Through many years of training and practice, he’s acquired an extensive repertoire of very light, effective techniques, often without insertions, that help people in profound ways. These treatments are very gentle, using as little intervention as necessary to match each person’s needs. For example, babies and children require much less intervention to create large changes, so he uses various non-invasive tools made specifically for them—not needles.

Martin’s passionate about what he does, and loves treating patients of all ages, including:

  • 2 month old babies with infections or G.I. problems
  • 2 year old children with asthma or ear infections
  • teens with weakened immune systems or emotional needs
  • women and men for infertility or pregnancy issues
  • older people with arthritis, and many internal problems
  • anyone in pain, with weakened conditions, or chronic diseases

Why not give acupuncture a try? Martin Feldman has the training, experience and passionate commitment to healing necessary to help you get and stay well.

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